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чужие мысли

What do the Harry Potter adults think of you?

Result #5
Albus Dumbledore wonders how you managed to get through Hogwarts.
Lord Voldemort even questions your sanity, but thinks youre a great Death Eater nonetheless.
Minerva McGonagall gets the shivers when she thinks about you.
Severus Snape tries to avoid you.
Rubeus Hagrid is terrified of you.
Horace Slughorn always knew you were insane.
Sirius Black curses the ground you walk on.
Remus Lupin secretly loves you but would kill himself if anyone ever found out.
Bill Weasley sees you as a threat to the Order and thinks you should be locked up in Azkaban.
Lucius Malfoy thinks youre good in bed.
Bellatrix Lestrange thinks youre great.
Peter Pettigrew cowers in fear around you.

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